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What to Do in Kotor

Kotor is one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro, if not the world. With its combination of mountains, the sea, an ancient fortress and a labyrinthine medieval old town, there is nowhere else like it. It was my introduction to Montenegro and I meant to visit for just a week, but I fell in love and ended up staying the entire summer.

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How to Learn Montenegrin

I lived in Kotor for a summer without learning more than how to say Dobar dan (good day), but when I moved to Podgorica I decided to make it a priority. One embarrassing trip to the shops on my first evening was all it took to convince me.

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Renting an Apartment in Podgorica

Apartments in Podgorica

In my first few months in Podgorica, I stayed in several Airbnb apartments as well as different rental apartments (more than most locals in their entire lives). Having gone through the full process of searching, renting, signing contracts, and moving in and out, here is what I have learned about the quirks of apartments and renting in Podgorica. 

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What to Know Before Coming to Podgorica

There are some useful things to know before coming to Podgorica, that are unique to the city. From your arrival here (there’s no Uber, best to know that now), how to get a SIM card, how to get around town, and also how to deal with smoking in the country (basically, just deal with it).

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Where to Shop in Podgorica

Market stall at the Zelena Pijaca at Gintaš

One of my favourite things about Podgorica is the lack of big chains and prevalence of individually-owned stores everywhere. From the dozens of little clothing and shoe boutiques to the big fruit and vegetable markets, it’s always interesting to explore.

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Weather in Podgorica

Podgorica has a Mediterranean climate with four distinct seasons. Summer is June through August, autumn (with beautiful leaf colour changes) is September to November, winter is December to February, spring March to May. 

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