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Budva in Autumn

Budva is probably the most well-known town in Montenegro, and when I meet people who have visited this country before, it’s usually to Budva on the Adriatic coast.

In summer it’s incredibly crowded and busy, a town of bars and beaches and nightclubs and with every one of its many apartment buildings full of tourists from Russia, Serbia, and elsewhere.

It also has a small but beautiful Old Town, and out of season, it’s a different place. Without the crowds in its narrow streets, its charms are more visible. I went on a sunny day in mid-October for a wander round the Old Town.

A nice Russian lady in this store directed me down a laneway to the water view nearby.

But first, a photo looking back at the other side of her store.

Past the English pub and down a small lane, there is this gate and archway.

It looks out over the water towards the main coast and Sveti Stefan.

Some houses and grapevines on their terraces, near the main church.

The northern side of the Old Town.

Looking back at the Old Town from the famous (but mysterious, noone can tell me what it means or stands for) statue of a ballerina on the coast, almost 180 degrees from the photo above.

Mogren beach, accessible from the edge of the Old Town, and its stunning water.

Leaving the Old Town, I finished up the day watching the sunset from the promenade along the coast.

  1. Colette MAURER

    Great blog ! Thanks a lot – I’m in Budva for 5-6 days and this will be very helpful to me. Thanks a lot.

  2. Mari

    Hello! How is the weather in Budva for end of September to beginning of October?

  3. Kate

    Hi Mari, that’s a great time to come to Budva – the weather should be lovely at that time of year.

  4. Burak

    Hi! How the is sea temperature during end of September? Is it warm enough to swim? When you think it starts to get cold?

  5. Kate

    Hi Burak, I think it’s warm enough to swim at the end of September. The last few years I’ve been swimming until early November. After that it’s too cold for me!

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