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How to get Residency in Montenegro

So, you made the rational decision to live in Montenegro based on its favourable tax regime and potential accession to the EU.

Or, you just came on holiday and fell in love with the beautiful nature, good people, and incredible diversity in such a small country – and on a whim decided to up and move your life here.

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Renting an Apartment in Podgorica

In my first few months in Podgorica, I stayed in several Airbnb apartments as well as different rental apartments (more than most locals in their entire lives). Having gone through the full process of searching, renting, signing contracts, and moving in and out, here is what I have learned about the quirks of apartments and renting in Podgorica. 

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What to Know Before Coming to Podgorica

What to know before coming to Podgorica, Montenegro

There are some useful things to know before coming to Podgorica, that are unique to the city. From your arrival here (there’s no Uber, best to know that now), how to get a SIM card, how to get around town, and also how to deal with smoking in the country (basically, just deal with it).

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